Vindico Applied Technologies

Vindico is a worldwide supplier of wet chemical coatings and cleaners to give glass other functions, such as protection against osmosis, giving solar panels a higher efficiency and less facade maintenance. Vindico does this to make the materials used more sustainable, less maintenance and, above all, less impact on the environment. Vindico’s vision is to turn this into offline processes that the glass processing industry can process itself .The experience in producing wet chemical coatings (higher yield, dirt-repellent, anti-reflection, etc.) and the application method by means of single-sided application (via roll coating) will be included in this consortium.

Vindico has the capability to produce the coating formulation on lab scale and industrial scale (IBC, 1080 liters). This production option is necessary to coat the required numbers of glass sheets for BIPV panels in the consortium. Vindico also has partnerships with ETC and Innovent (Germany), institutes in the field of silane chemistry and sol-gel coatings.

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